Valerie DeKeyser interprets design, art and luxury in the most surprising ways. Steel coupled with wild stallion horsehair. Iron shavings mixed with powdered sugar to form man-made sable. Wire snares embedded into the wood grain of dining tables. DeKeyser’s obsession with the beauty and rawness of nature and wildlife is a recurring theme in her work.

Through concept, materials and construction of the objects, DeKeyser illuminates the brilliance of animals while exposing the perils many face in our changing environment. She aims to spark consideration as to where they and we fit into the health of our ecosystem. And she doesn’t stop there. She donates a percentage of her proceeds to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife. Simply put – she wants beautiful design to help save the natural world. 

DeKeyser received her master’s degree in product design from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2011. A successful product designer, prior to graduate school, DeKeyser independently conceived of and developed a proprietary manufacturing process to create a high-end vase product line, CREAM by DeKeyser. The line has sold internationally in museum gift shops, fine-furniture showrooms and boutiques, hotels and spas.

She has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing, has worked in film, television, interior and product design and graphic design.

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